• If you get married, stay married.
  • Have large families. Adopt.
  • Live near your church and next to others who believe as you do. If necessary, downsize.
  • Don’t let Hollywood raise your children. Use Christian streaming services.


  • Raise your children with those in the BenOp community.
  • Eat meals together as a family and with the larger BenOp community.
  • Start a Trail Life group for boys.
  • Start an American Heritage Girls group.
  • Throw weekend parties for your BenOp community’s families. Rent a bounce house, add a sprinkler, a slip and slide, and grill some food.


  • Pray as a family and pray as a community.
  • Learn liturgical prayers and contemplative prayers.
  • Read the Bible as a family.
  • Be at church as often as possible. Volunteer and join groups. If these opportunities don’t exist, start them yourself.
  • Actually practice a Sunday sabbath – no rec league games, no lake days, no rounds of golf, no shopping – spend the day with you family, your church family, and the Lord.
  • Practice communal fasting.
  • Create a Rule of Life you can follow – prayer times, fasting days, Bible study, etc.
  • Arrange your life around the Christian calendar. Stop arranging your life around a calendar that celebrates commercialized holidays.
  • Read You Are What You Love. Form your world so it forms you toward Christ.
  • Know what Christian faith entails and then protect that truth in love.
  • Resist – and do not attend churches that practice – alternative gospels. Some popular alternative gospels are the prosperity gospel, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD), or gospels that deny any aspect of the Apostles Creed, such as the bodily resurrection.
  • Read about saints and martyrs.
  • Go on a pilgrimage – Holy Land, Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery, Paul’s missionary routes, Santiago de Compostela, etc.
  • Go on street processions as a church to pray over and bless your town, your city block, etc.


  • Stop watching tv. Or, stop watching tv that isn’t educational or edifying.
  • Get off social media.
  • Stop playing video games.
  • Do not buy your children smartphones.
  • Minimize internet use.
  • Limit the internet to a centralized and monitored family computer.
  • De-sexualize your world. No pornography. Turn off images on your internet browser. Put an ad blocker on your computer. Don’t watch porn-lite television.
  • Things to do instead of television, video games, or social media: garden, read or listen to a book, jigsaw puzzle, knit, toss a football or Frisbee, take your kids to a playground, parlor games, board games, card games, learn the art of storytelling, go on a picnic, hike, learn to paint or draw, play a musical instrument, etc.


Commerce and Careers

  • Make career choices that keep your family in one place.
  • Start a Christian business. Employ Christians.
  • Publish a church directory that lists all members’ business. Patronize them.
  • Resist consumerism – do not continuously buy the latest tech or upgrade to the new model.
  • Live below your means.
  • Become debt-free.
  • Careers that are safer from automation or morally compromising situations: electrician, mechanic, plumber, policemen, construction, dentists, heavy machinery technician, electronics technician, veterinarian, landscaping, dry cleaners, occupational therapist, caretaker, pharmacist, auto body shop.